Our Portfolio

  • Elegant - Artistic. Tasteful. Beautiful
  • Efficient - Getting more from less means good design, proper installation and an inspired vision
  • Ecological - Nature is one of our best teachers. We return the favour with low impact products, technology and design.
  • Passive House Quality Farmhouse

    Classic Farmhouse by Architect Graham Whiting (Whitefish Architecture) built to Passive House Quality’ This Passive House Quality classic farmhouse, Wild Leek Farm, one of Evolve’s Passive House (Passivhaus) Buildings —

  • Passive House and Net Zero Projects

    Evolve is a leader in Ontario for Passive House (Passivhaus) and Net Zero residential construction.

  • 100 Year Old Home of the Future

    Energy Retrofit, Air-Tight and High Performing Home Designed by Solares Architecture This 2017 retrofit of a 100 year old home near downtown Guelph included a fully renovated main floor and

  • A Healthy Renovation & Ecological Addition

    We renovated this conventionally-built home to give it a sleek, modern elegance using strictly natural, clean / non-off-gassing materials. We were able to salvage much of the existing structure of

  • Natural Materials, Contemporary Architectural Home

    K-House Built with Natural Materials by Architect Nicolas Koff (Office Ou) This Evolve Builders project featured a Straw Bale insulated house cladded with white plaster and charred cedar Shou-Sugi-Ban wood

  • Soaring Timber Frame House

    An executive home with traditional mortice & tenon timbers, alternative energy systems and character suiting of the owners.

  • A Heritage Makeover

    Winner of The Architectural Conservancy's Guelph Wellington Heritage Award for Best Adaptive Re-use.

  • A Modern Homestead

    Contemporary styling, natural materials and advanced heating systems all add up to being "modern green".

  • Passive Solar Living

    Architecturally designed, custom built home integrating passive solar strategies.