• Passive House Quality Farmhouse

    Classic Farmhouse by Architect Graham Whiting (Whitefish Architecture) built to Passive House Quality’ This Passive House Quality classic farmhouse, Wild Leek Farm, one of Evolve’s Passive House (Passivhaus) Buildings —

  • PH and NZ Passive House and Net Zero

    Passive House and Net Zero Projects

    Evolve Gallery of Passive House and Net Zero Projects Passive House and Net Zero homes perform at the highest levels of building efficiency measurements due to their thermal comfort and

  • Air-Tight, Energy Retrofit

    100 Year Old Home of the Future

    Energy Retrofit, Air-Tight and High Performing Home Designed by Solares Architecture This 2017 retrofit of a 100 year old home near downtown Guelph included a fully renovated main floor and

  • Natural Materials home made with strawbale & sho sugi ban house

    Natural Materials, Contemporary Architectural Home

    K-House Built with Natural Materials by Architect Nicolas Koff (Office Ou) This Evolve Builders project featured a Straw Bale insulated house cladded with white plaster and charred cedar Shou-Sugi-Ban wood

  • Energy Efficient Passive Solar Living

    Passive Solar Living

    The best laid plans… What started out as a prospective addition to an existing house, two years later became family move to a new passive solar home. The owners, a

  • Photo of winner of home sweet home environmental building competition

    A Home as Nature Intended

    Winner: Home Sweet Home Environmental Building and Design Competition 2010 A Home as Nature Intended From early design considerations of habitat preservation and geopathic energy assessments through to the final

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So What is Climate Conscious Construction?

Providing options for low-carbon, high performing homes and renovations through a combined knowledge of advanced building-science, meticulous care for craft, practical design sensibility and expertise in estimating that together delivers a both on-time and on-budget for delighted clients.

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Services We Offer

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