Our Services

  • Green Building - Nature is our best teacher.  We return the favour with low impact products, technology & design.
  • Eco-Renos - We'll paint it any colour you want...as long as it's Green!
  • Home Performance - We examine your house as a system and solve issues at their source.
  • Design and Consultation - Getting more from less means good design and an inspired vision.
  • Product Sales - We've unearthed unique and difficult to source materials on your behalf.
  • (PH and NZ) Passive House & Net Zero Construction

    Green Building

    Passive House & Net Zero Experience (PH and NZ) As of 2019, Evolve has completed or is underway with construction on two Passive Houses currently being fully certified (Wild Leek

  • Greener Building with Alternative Wall Systems

    Green Building | Harvest Homes

    Double-frame, Durisol™, SIP, Light-clay straw · It's all "green" · And we do it all.

  • Ecological Renovations

    Healthy Renovations & Ecological Additions | Evolve Builders

    We'll paint it any colour you want - as long as it is "Green"!

  • Green Architectural Design

    Sustainable Design & Consultation | Evolve Builders

    Construction that finishes on time and on budget always starts with intuitive, collaborative, experienced design.

  • Natural Building

    Green Building | Fermata

    Earthen plasters, cob reliefs, adobe floors, wood timbers and stone plinths, even earthen cook ovens!

  • Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens

    Green Building | Torus Ecosystems

    Reduce water run-off, improve insulation, contribute to natural habitat and add beauty to otherwise sterile environments.

  • Brac® Greywater Recycling Systems

    Home Performance and Energy Retrofits | Evolve Builders

    Reduce your water consumption by 30% - Use greywater to flush your toilets!

  • Passive Solar Design

    Sustainable Design & Consultation | Evolve Builders

    The sun is delivered free of charge - Let us show you how to make best use of it.

  • Healthy Interior Design

    Sustainable Design & Consultation | Evolve Builders

    Conscious kitchens, beautiful Baths, commercial conversions - All considered with both people and planet in mind.