About Evolve Builders

A team of energy efficient green contractors

Trusted Contractors and Trades

Evolve does more than simply hire out an endless stream of (so-called) green contractors and sub-contractors to complete your work.

Before we talk about green contractors and subcontractors, lets talk a little bit about our own people. Evolve maintains a dedicated team of our own friendly, polite, highly gifted, environmentally-conscious tradespeople. Much like the finely appointed buildings of generations past, we build your home with these skilled artisans, each of whom report to the same project manager from project beginning right through to project completion – encouraging a culture of responsibility and pride in craftsmanship that clearly shows in all of our work.

But sometimes the right thing to do is to bring in a journeyman from the conventional trades. We’re lucky to live in a region of the province where there are many enlightened, forward thinking people working in the trades. So when conventional trades such as electricians, plumbers or furnace installers are required, our closely-knit family of green contractors and trades conduct their work as though it were our own, seamlessly integrating their specialties into the broader job.

We see it all through so that you can rest easily. Call us to discuss how we can manage your eco-friendly renovation or green construction project.