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Even Flow Management

Quality management is as important as experience. With “Even Flow” construction management, Evolve attracts gifted tradespeople with meaningful work.

Ordinary construction crews are comprised of several unskilled or semi-skilled labourers overseen by just one skilled trades-person in a traditional top-down hierarchy. Evolve instead employs a system that sees the sharing of both responsibility and empowerment with many of the crew. Our Even Flow management technique sees different people become the site supervisor – or lead hand – at different phases of the project.

With even flow production, the lead hand always possesses special skill or managerial experience in their overseen activity. When their specialty is underway, the lead hand is in charge of other staff as needed; however once the specialty is complete, the lead hand remains on the project as a skilled labourer, now responsible to one of the very same individuals over which he/she was just in charge. Thus we have several skilled and semi-skilled people on every site; moreover they are equally comfortable giving as taking instruction.

Evolve’s Even Flow management system is essentially a return to the manner of organizing effectively used by builders when their work was considered a craft. It provides meaningful work, which in turn attracts high performing individuals. Capable people provide better quality and improved efficiency. So many capable people ensure timeliness and scalability to meet the needs of projects of varying sizes.

We invite you to witness our evolution of site management and how it can help you.