About Evolve Builders

Ontario's premier team of green business managers

Business Divisions

One of Evolve’s four unique green business divisions is sure to have the key people and capabilities for your eco-friendly building project or renovation.

Building on the great business success and reputation of Harvest Homes, Ben Polley founded Evolve Builders Group in 2006 to oversee the company’s greatly expanded green business and service offerings. All of this had grown from Ben’s original obsession – building healthy homes with natural, energy-efficient straw bale wall systems.

Today, Evolve is the most broadly capable green builder in Ontario. To limit our use of subcontractors and thereby maintain even greater quality control, Evolve is now divided into four distinct green business divisions.

Green Business Division: Evolve - Green Building and Ecological Renovations Evolve Builders Group Inc delivers full service general contract and green construction services for turn-key additions, renovations and new builds while also supplying hard-to-source green building materials;
Harvest Homes: The straw bale builder division Harvest Homes is the busy straw bale wall system specialist division. Energy efficient, healthy, natural, fun, artistic and even fire resistant. What more could you wish for your home or cottage?;
Green Business #3: Fermata - Natural Plaster and Cob Fermata – Works of Earth, reinterprets ancient techniques to create unique, artistic and durable earthen plasters, earthen bread ovens, adobe floors and compressed earth block walls, and;
Green Business #3: Fermata - Natural Plaster and Cob Torus Ecosystems delivers “biological” based building solutions, including urine diversion, composting toilets, blackwater waste systems, rainwater harvesting and living roofs.

If you wish to point a single finger and have your important project completed on budget and on time, then Evolve Builders Group is uniquely qualified. Our in-house project managers, site supervisors and lead hands work with staff from our own specialized sister divisions to provide seamless management of the most artistic and most complex projects.

If you are a DIYer or a general contractor and need only a particular service(s), then each of our green business units (Harvest Homes, Torus Ecosystems and Fermata) can offer you their respective specialties directly.

Describe your needs to us, and see for yourself just how we can help.