Air leakage from small gaps and cracks can lead to big energy losses. Our state-of-the art blower door tests find the leaks so we can seal them.

As much as 30% of your home heating dollars can seep through these gaps, cracks and other penetrations of your building envelope – continuously and undetected. Looking for the culprits will often turn up the usual suspects: leaky exterior doors, windows, vents, and electrical outlets are typical culprits and are quickly and easily addressed. To make sure we don’t miss any leaks, we perform a state-of-the-art blower door tests on your home.

Your blower door test is followed by a visit from our friendly energy-retrofit team armed with healthy, eco-friendly mineral or soy-based insulation, no or low-voc sealants as well as other proprietary tools of the trade. Evolve’s friendly home-performance pros will quickly locate all of your heat-leaking trouble spots large and small, and eliminate them at their source.

Best of all, by keeping our blower-door tests active during our work, you get to witness immediate results. Now that is smart!