Get Juiced: a Retail Reno

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Local vegetables, in-season ingredients, Spinach-Celery-Melon Juice…what could be more green?  Literally.

Evolve was tasked with converting an empty retail space inside of one of Guelph’s oldest downtown buildings into a hip, happening, juice bar.  The proprietor had already thoroughly researched the equipment needs:  the many coolers, cook tops, work surfaces, storage devices, dishwasher, and of course juicers.  The branding, which established colour schemes for the location, was also complete:  Get Juiced was getting ready to go!

We partnered with one of our own past clients – a designer who specializes in retail and restaurants – and together with the proprietor, planned a low impact renovation that minimized costs by reusing as much existing infrastructure as possible while ensuring coordination of the colours and textures to suit the branding. Efficient food preparation, serving and selling and customer traffic considerations were also integrated into the design in order to make best use of staff time and to present the many fresh foods available.

To implement the plan, we called on some of our trusted suppliers and incorporated several of our trademark materials. Custom millwork and cabinets were crafted locally to seamlessly integrate with the many equipment needs of the operation.  A full commecial kitchen was constructed with a view to the retail counters to permit ease of staff movement and observation.  Eco-logo recycled content drywall was used when new wall boarding was required. The existing rough concrete floor was polished to a slight gloss, giving it new life and a somewhat chic post-industrial look.  Used restaurant chairs and works by local artisans complete the space.

Get Juiced was ready to open its doors.  Check them out and try their specialty smoothies.  And for the sweet tooth, their chocolate brownies are not to be missed!