The most important detail in any ecological renovation is the people: you and us.

We will be working within your personal space. Sometimes the disruption can add stress to everyone’s activities. Even the family dog. This is why you can expect our crew and our trusted trades to be careful, respectful and capable. We are extremely proud of the praise past clients have offered to our crew and know that you will be comforted by our integrity when welcomed into your homes or offices to perform healthy, sustainable ecological renovations.

We inherently ensure that wastes are streamed appropriately for local recycling.  When practical we carefully remove key items for reuse, repurposing or for donation to re-use stores. Together we will consider options such as future-proofing with appropriate plumbing for potential greywater reuse, rainwater harvesting, or solar hot water connections.

Whether for home, office or commercial storefront, our deep knowledge in sourcing, pricing and installing local materials, hand crafted features, natural and period-appropriate finishes will ensure a quality job performed on-time and on-budget.