It is said that “the clothes make the man.” Evolve asserts that healthy interior design makes a healthy, comfortable home.

Our own ARIDO® accredited interior designer will add a dash of style to your home, office or store while helping you to select healthy building materials that will extend the life of both your home and its occupants! And as with all of Evolve’s work, you can rest assured that with our healthy interior design services, your health, along with the energy efficiency and earth-friendliness of your home will be considered at every stage of the process.

Together we will explore your spatial planning needs and select healthy building materials and finishes, while also offering guidance towards choosing health-promoting colours and textures, lighting, fixtures and decor options. You will further benefit from our broad knowledge of sources for alternative materials and specialized craftspeople as well as access to some products carried locally exclusively by Evolve. Successfully employed, healthy interior design can even reduce construction costs through elimination of wasted space or carefully prescribed mill-work details that permit ease of installation.

Far from being just the final touches, given the opportunity to integrate ecological building materials and healthy interior design into our architectural design services avoids disappointment such as when a particularly difficult to procure material is selected too late to be incorporated efficiently and cost effectively.  Use our expert knowledge in product pricing to ensure your healthy home renovation or green new build can be finely appointed while adhering to a firm budget.