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When the Classroom Becomes the Teacher: Evolve’s Exclusive Large Logo for the mobEE Eco-Friendly Portable Classroom Eco-Friendly Portable Classroom

Naturally-built portable classrooms for temporary quarters, “living” learning centres and core classrooms. Click here to download the digital online presentation!

Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom (an acronym for “Mobile Eco-Enclosure”) is a unique and highly eco-friendly portable classroom that merges super green straw bale building and other natural building techniques with state-of-the-art construction technology. The result is a learning space thoughtfully enclosed by ideals of health, sustainability and energy efficiency.

“Parents and School Board officials are impressed every time they visit. We’ve even had local politicians come to see it,” says Meghan Mintz, Grade 6 Teacher, Rockwood Centennial Public School of their first Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom.

Developed in conjunction with the Facility Department of the Upper Grand District School Board, at a fraction of the cost of a school addition, the Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom provides premium, permanent-quality space and earns plaudits from all stakeholders.

Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom is comfy. The walls contain high performance cellulosic insulation – a.k.a. straw bales! “In the winter it is absolutely cozy,” says Mintz “in three years I don’t think we have ever had to turn on the supplemental baseboard heaters.”

Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom is healthy. Finishes with low- or no-VOCs are but a starting point. Natural paints and no-wax linoleum tiles possess anti-static and naturally antimicrobial properties, allowing you to easily clean with natural or mild cleaning products.

Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom is hardy. 3 cm (1 1/4″) thick reinforced cementitious plaster – inside and out – can handle rugged use by children in the classroom and can weather all the elements of the Canadian climate on the exterior.

Small-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classroom is affordable. Built to the standard of premium permanent quality construction yet at much lower cost and with 2X to 3X the economic service life of that of conventional portables, you can delight administrators with a better ROI than typical options.


 Medium-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classrooms Standard Features:

  • Fire resistant straw bale insulation
  • Glass viewing window into wall core
  • Structural insulated panel floor & roof
  • Fibreglass-framed high-efficiency windows
  • Natural, vinyl-free, waxless, antimicrobial linoleum flooring
  • Mineral based wall paints, in and out
  • Wood soffit with natural finish
  • Steel roof with recycled content or low emissivity white roof membrane

 Medium-sized logo for mobEE eco-friendly portable classrooms Select Options:

  • Solar hot air collectors
  • Solar photovoltaics
  • Warm-white super efficient LED space lighting
  • Combination air-exchanger/heater
  • Air conditioning
  • Custom architectural flooring patterns
  • Custom colour-matched paint scheme
  • Coat rack and black, white or tack board packages
  • Curriculum-specific lesson plans

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