The sun is our best alternative energy source.  Passive solar design ensures its most efficient use.

All of our architectural design considerations are informed by passive solar theory.  Right-sizing of windows, building orientation, careful shading and other strategies together with sufficient insulation and integration of mass are all elements of passive solar design: using the free energy available without complicated or expensive mechanical equipment.

As an additional offering – to our own plans or yours – we can perform detailed passive solar modelling that will identify precise limitations and opportunities for passive solar gains.  Depth of daylight entering rooms at different times of year, amount of free-heating available through solar energy, degree of night time heat loss through windows can all be calculated through specialized software and contribute to an even more energy efficient design.

For off-grid homes, passive solar design is all-important.  And for the most complete energy efficient designs, we team up with our expert colleagues to deliver on Equilibrium™, Net-Zero Energy, or Passive House™ standards.