Our Services

  • Eco-Renos - We'll paint it any colour you want...as long as it's Green!
  • Green Building - Nature is our best teacher.  We return the favour with low impact products, technology & design.
  • Home Performance - We examine your house as a system and solve issues at their source.
  • Design and Consultation - Getting more from less means good design and an inspired vision.
  • Product Sales - We've unearthed unique and difficult to source materials on your behalf.
  • Natural Oils & Waxes

    Product Sales | Evolve Builders

    High performance, Canadian-made, naturally-blended oil & wax products for long lasting finishes and widely ranging applica­tions.

  • Hydronic Radiant In-Floor Heat

    Product Sales | Evolve Builders

    Radiant in-floor heating is increasingly popular for the dual reasons of unmatched comfort and efficiency.

  • Healthy Silicate Paints

    Product Sales | Evolve Builders

    A permanent, washable, colour-fast natural paint that bonds to any mineral surface, repelling water while allowing vapour to pass.

  • Fiberglass Framed Windows

    Product Sales | Evolve Builders

    Unmatched thermal expansion stability provides for a life expectancy several times that of vinyl framed windows.

  • Eco-Friendly Flooring

    Product Sales | Evolve Builders

    Tread lightly on the earth with our beautiful, durable, sustainable flooring options.

  • Tenax Plaster Mesh

    Product Sales | Evolve Builders

    Building your own strawbale home - our polypropylene mesh will save you time and money over typical metal mesh.

  • Installed Sales

    Product Sales | Evolve Builders

    'Cash and carry' or 'supplied and installed' - You choose.

  • Waste & Water Treatment

    Green Building | Torus Ecosystems

    Composting toilets, artificial wetlands for greywater or blackwater treatment and rainwater harvesting systems.