Old windows and doors are a major culprit in wasted heating energy. Sometimes window and door replacement is the only energy efficient option.

Heritage Window and Door Restoration and Repair

We carefully discuss all options and alternatives before you commit to this costly work. In the instance of original antique wood sash windows, rather than replacement, often a full restoration can return them not only to their original performance but also their original architectural splendor. The addition of a no-fuss storm window is a further option to increase the seasonal efficiency of these hand-made beauties. Before ridding yourself of these pieces of our built heritage, let us discuss how to extend the life of your already superbly made windows and doors, perhaps even for another century.

Factory Window and Door Replacement

For existing factory-made vinyl, aluminum or wood-framed windows, we offer superior fiberglass framed replacements. Our replacement windows sport extraordinary air tightness, special glazing to either capture or reject solar heat radiation, unique spacers between glass panes to reduce condensation and both double- and triple-pane options. Better yet, the extraordinarily durable fiberglass will outlive the materials it replaces and they are constructed such that in the future, if the glass needs to be replaced, you won’t again need to remove the frame. Imagine no-fuss window replacement!