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Passive House & Net Zero Experience (PH and NZ)

As of 2019, Evolve has completed or is underway with construction on two Passive Houses currently being fully certified (Wild Leek Farm PHIUS; Bay Beach Passive House Canada/PHI), another five uncertified or near-Passive (meeting all air tightness criteria, most other winter thermal requirements) ultra-efficient homes and one fully Net Zero energy home (Winston Ct). Several more projects are presently in the design phase or are readying for construction starts. By 2020, we expect to have our clients comfortably moved into more than a dozen such homes. We think that this makes us the early leader in PH and NZ custom home construction within the communities we operate.

Watch here for more projects to be posted to our website shortly.

What We Offer for Passive House & Net Zero

  • We have developed construction details and sourced materials that allow for largely domestically domestic or North-American manufactured goods to be deployed in the high performance envelope, reducing risks of delay and costs associated with overseas import, while also helping promote a local and domestic PH & NZ industry jobs plus keeping our upfront carbon levels as low as possible.
  • Our details and systems are available to share with Architects who are new to PH and NZ
  • Our feasibility (‘Class D’) estimating capability for such projects take the guess work out of how best to build, therefore before the shovel hits the ground there is a clear direction in the scope of the project
  • Our offerings allow for the combining of natural, healthy materials together with the highest performing envelope (not always mutually assured)
  • These methods and materials often can deliver a project with a lower cost of ownership (over 25 years) than building to a lesser standard even if less expensive in terms of initial construction cost
  • We are experienced and comfortable with prefabricated panelized construction (both performed in-house and with third party suppliers) though due to the particularities of custom design requests, more frequently construct these ultra-efficient assemblies in-situ
  • Because of our R&D track record and academic partnerships, product suppliers of PH and NZ frequently seek us out to trial their new-to-market products, often with discounts to our clients in exchange for feedback. Thus through us, you too can be at the leading edge of what is possible and available in North America