Welcome to Evolve Renos – newest member of the Evolve Builders Group family of companies! 

Evolve Renos leverages the wide range of skills, talent, and experience of a large team of dedicated, future-forward designers, craftspeople, and project managers who are passionate about what they do and what impact what they do has on the planet.

As a climate conscious renovation company, Evolve Renos strives to use only minimally processed, recycled and/or repurposed, locally sourced, and always healthy building materials. You can rest assured your home renovation project – whether addition or retrofit, new bathroom, kitchen or basement – will not only be in good hands, but that its impact on the environment will be carefully measured and adhere to the absolute possible minimum. Thus leaving you to live beautifully, (climate) consciously, energy efficiently, and often for less (in terms of what it costs to operate your home annually).

  • The following Carbon Sequestering materials for these Climate Conscious Renos were displayed on a recent postcard advertising campaign that was sent throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo area on August 31st!
  • By choosing some of these materials to renovate your home, you are actually going to be removing carbon from the environment as opposed to creating more. Learn more further on in this page.

See Below for Postcard Item References!

1. Thermally Modified Wood Decking

A thermally modified wood deck board is naturally more resistant to rotting and is a longer lasting product than traditional wood decking options. As opposed to using a composite or pressure treated deck board, these thermally modified boards are healthier for the environment because they gain their strength and stability (resistance to contraction) through a unique heating process. These boards are heated to such a high temperature that the sugars in the wood actually change their chemical characteristics and cellular structure.

2. Engineered Wood Flooring From Sustainable Sources

These flooring options come from sustainably harvested forests and are domestically manufactured. They are FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) which means they have followed international standards for responsibly removing trees while also replanting the area with faster growing trees that continue absorbing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

3. Denim Batt Cavity Insulation

Clothing makes up for a large amount of the waste and disposal that usually ends up in a landfill. Denim Batt insulation consists of scrap denim and cotton material to create a useful product that is another climate conscious material. This can be used as cavity insulation but also for blowing into attic spaces and as a bonus it is 100% recyclable once it reaches the end of its useful lifespan.

4. Hemp Batt Cavity Insulation

Hemp sequesters up to FIVE TIMES more Carbon Dioxide compared to wood during the growth of the organic material. It also allows for open permeability of water vapour which assists in naturally controlling humidity levels in your home.

5. Silicate Paint

These paints are breathable, meaning they are also vapour permeable similar to the Hemp Batt, and are almost entirely made from natural minerals. Since the product naturally allows for diffusion, the lifespan of the product is much longer compared to standard latex paint. Should there be any potential moisture issues (ideally not), the paint will not bubble or peel away from the wall.

6. Recycled Paper Composite Counter or Window Sill

Made from 100% recycled paper that has been compressed and filled with a non-toxic resin. The product has been compressed so tightly that it becomes impervious to water and will even withstand high temperatures of up to 325 degrees. It is also a NSF certified product which means it is safe to eat right off the counter!

7. Shou Sugi Bahn Charred Wood Siding

This is an exterior wood cladding option that is not only beneficial to the environment, but also has a depth and contemporary look that many architects desire for their projects. The surface of the cedar board is charred by using a blowtorch and becomes naturally resistant to moisture and insects while also gaining durability. It is a finishing detail that does not require the use of chemicals but looks very impressive in the end.

8. Straw Sheath

We at Evolve Builders Group have a long history with straw and straw bale construction. For a vast amount of information and detail head on over to our sister company’s website at Harvest Homes.

9. Utah Woodsafe Penetrating Protective Oil Exterior Finish

This safe to use penetrating oil for exterior wood cladding is made of linseed oil, pine resin, and natural minerals like Gilsonite. It is a low VOC product that has both durability and consistency, while also being a healthy product to use.

10. Cork Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile

Cork flooring is a really sustainable and healthy product that is specifically great for families with young children. A cork flooring will naturally repel dust mites due to the existence of Suberin in its chemical structure. This along with the material being 100% renewable – harvested from from Cork Trees – which helps with dust allergies and sound absorption in your home.

11. Linoleum Flooring

Contrary to how we used to think of linoleum flooring, there are new options on the market that are entirely biodegradable and manufactured from renewable sources. One climate conscious option for linoleum flooring is called Marmoleum, this product emits low VOC’s, is anti-microbial, non-toxic and long lasting.