Evolve Employee Makes the News: Reclaiming Storm Damaged Trees for Lumber

Evolve employee Trever Miller has a new hobby: sawing up damaged or dying trees with a portable chainsaw mill to create unique, high-value custom reclaimed lumber. The idea is to save trees that would otherwise get either turned into firewood or sent to a city log dump, and instead turn them into beautiful high-value wood for making heirloom furniture, countertops, shelving and more.

Together with his arborist friend Andrew Baughn, Trever was featured on a recent episode of CTV news for his efforts to reclaim a neighborhood landmark – the big silver maple tree in the playground at the children’s nursery of the convent for the Carmelite Sisters of Canada in Toronto. The monumental 150 year old tree – named after the sister who founded the nursery – tipped over under the weight of the ice during the huge ice storm of 2013.

It turned out the tree was infected with the ambrosia beetle, leading to a rare and beautiful flame-like pattern in the wood grain. Two benches will be made from the lovely 36″ wide, 2 inch thick live-edge ambrosia maple lumber that was recovered, along with a plaque commemorating the tree.

To watch the clip on the CTV News website, click here.