Evolve Builders Covid-19 Update

Update on Essential Business Operations

As you may by now know, the province has now included residential construction as an “essential” service. It seems that they are playing rather loosely with that term, given that liquor stores and take-out restaurants are also included as essential. It is clearly an economic/political rather than scientific decision.

Our Project Managers have been checking with core subcontractors and suppliers to determine their status in light of this proclamation. The response has mixed, with some deciding to remain outright closed, others not willing/able to provide new bids, others still working at limited capacity and still others indicating that product substitutions or delays may now be necessary and other supply chain issues. Additionally, most municipalities in our service areas are still not providing inspection services necessary to proceed in a schedule manner.

Importantly, we directly consulted our field staff to assess their comfort in continuing.

The undeniable result of all of this is that many people are increasingly uncomfortable being on jobsites. Some have asked specifically to be relieved from work after today until the medical health officials deem it appropriate. This is totally understandable.

Others describe feeling burdened by conflicting societal demands: stay home vs stay working (in particular if doing so feels like it allows others to also keep working and to support our clients). This too is understandable. As if I needed more reason but both this insight and selflessness make me once again so proud of our caring, capable team.

I however feel that I can’t conscionably allow for individuals to unfairly feel that they are responsible for what should be a collective (ideally medical if not political or business) decision. Therefore, given all the concerns shared with us and the remaining uncertainties and risks surrounding our projects, I am making the decision to continue with the plan expressed yesterday: We will be temporarily idling our sites and re-evaluating weekly if not sooner. We will be seeking to further train idle staff to keep their minds busy and continue with their career aspirations. Our office will continue to operate remotely. We will continue with preparations for planned new projects and be ready to throw our weight at them while resuming existing work, as soon as we are suitably advised that it is appropriate to do so.

Expect us to be prompt, ready and massively motivated to get (re)started as soon as we can!

Thank you. Stay well.
Ben Polley