Portable classroom is straw bale

Portable Classroom is Straw Bale – The Guelph Tribune

Staff Writer

An elementary school in Rockwood is to be the home of the world’s first straw-bale portable classroom.

The local public school board was set to have the new, environmentally friendly and efficient portable delivered to Rockwood Centennial Public School on July 29, a news release said.

The portable was designed by Guelph based Evolve Builders Group Inc. under the guidance of school board staff. It is designed to be hoisted and moved repeatedly, the release said.

“This portable would have shamed the Big Bad Wolf,” Evolve Builders president Ben Polley said in the release.

“It has been designed to withstand the stresses of being relocated repeatedly if needed. The combination of a structural steel base and the monolithic plastered bale walls give it a heft, strength and user-comfort not common in conventional construction.” he said.

The 24-tonne, 800 sq. ft. structure is shipped in two halves and then rejoined at its new home.