“Natural” Green Homes Open to Public Sunday October 6th

Experience the look and feel of some unique green homes during the popular annual Ontario-wide Natural Homes Tour, Sunday October 6th, 10AM to 4PM.  Local builders Ben Polley and Chris Vander Hout will be among those welcoming guests to their own Guelph and Ayton area homes respectively. Additional hosts can be found near Durham, Lucknow, Eramosa, and Waterloo. Directions and other tour details are available at A $10 passport provides admission to as many of the 30 places across the province as you can visit in the day.

This tour is the perfect opportunity to step right inside some unique buildings, see what they are like, and get honest feedback from the owners about all aspects of their homes. The structures feature many “green” technologies, including adobe floors, composting toilets, greywater recycling, clay plasters, green roofs, natural finishes and more innovations.