Cover of Mike Holmes Magazine

Harvest Homes in September issue of Mike Holmes Magazine – Press Release

The myths of straw bale building are debunked in the September issue of Holmes Magazine, journal of the famous TV personality Mike Holmes.  Our own Ben Polley is quoted in an article that capably describes the mechanics of bale building, the limitations and other often overlooked considerations, such as errors made in construction due to lacking knowledge in building science by some professional builders and homeowner builders alike.

Overall however it carries an appropriately positive message.  It also shares that Mike Holmes was the general contractor for a project in Oakville for the gentleman who would go on to become Holmes Group’s CEO.  Ben was interviewed and the work of our sister business, Harvest Homes, was vetted by Mike Holmes before being whole heartedly approved as the straw bale building subcontractor for this new, Santa Fe style, executive home.  A picture of one of our freshly completed walls can be seen on page 101 of the magazine.

We were extremely happy to have been invited to assist on this project.  The house and the owners especially were a real delight.  This remains some of our most enjoyable work.

To check out more of the finished  house click here (see the last two shots in the gallery)