Evolve founder Ben Polley speaking at 2 Guelph Events

Guelph Resilience Festival – “Transition” Buildings

When: Saturday, March 23 – 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Where: St. George’s Church, Guelph
Cost: Free

Ben joins this panel discussion that will look at the wide variety of options available for sustainable, low-impact resilient building practices, how new buildings can be constructed for ultra-low energy consumption, and we’ll also discuss strategies for affordable retrofit of existing structures. Discussion will be centred around designing and building homes to Transition principles with illustrations of healthy design, natural local materials, straw bale, clay straw, earth sheltered, solar and durable building envelope methods. Lots of dialogue and questions will be welcomed. Don’t miss it!

H 2 Go Guelph – Greywater Recycling Discussion

When: Saturday, March 23 – 2:15 pm to 3pm
Where: City Hall, Guelph
Cost: Free

Ben Polley and Mike Darmon will share extensive experience with in-home greywater recycling at 2:15PM.  Learn additional ways to become involved in conserving and protecting our water resources and knowledge share on innovative water conservation approaches such as rainwater harvesting and water efficient landscaping at other events beginning 8:30AM. In celebration of Canada Water Week 2013, the City of Guelph and the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph are partnering to offer a celebration of water through the H2GO! Festival. The program offers fun for the whole family with educational displays, children’s activities, live music and performances, skating, and apple cider. Engaging and interactive workshops from community leaders will cover a broad range of topics regarding unique water management challenges in the community.