Ben Polley

Eco-Reno Talks at Guelph Resilience Festival

Evolve founder Ben Polley is an invited speaker at two upcoming Guelph Resilience Festival talks

The first talk is organized by eMerge Guelph as part of the Guelph Resilience Festival: Passive House and Eco-Reno – selecting materials for your health & the planet. Mechanical engineer and Passive House(tm) advocate Rob Blakeney will speak to the design principles and massive energy savings enjoyed by Passive House owners. Ben will explore the rubric his firm uses when weighing the relative merits or disadvantages of various building materials as viewed from several different perspectives.

Location: Community of Hearts Space, Old Quebec Street Mall, Guelph

Time: Saturday March 21, 1:40PM to 2:20PM


The second talk is organized by well known Guelph architect David McAuley and renewables expert Evan Ferrari. Based on the Ignite model, presenters share their personal and professional passions using only a handful of slides and a total of just five minutes.  Ben is among 15 energetic speakers knowledgeable in the fields of sustainable housing, resilient building design, construction, and energy etc who will speak to the transition movement as it applies to our places of work and living.

Location:  City Hall Rm 112, Guelph

Time: Monday March 23, 7:00PM to 9:30PM

Cost:  By Donation