Harvest sustainably with Evolve’s woodlot management strategies

Nothing matches the character and beauty of trees growing wild right in your own backyard…

Consulting with Evolve on your woodlot management strategy can help you not only sustainably harvest timbers and trim wood for your new home construction, but – also ensure that there will be plenty of timber available for firewood and/or future renovations for generations to come.

From your house plans we calculate exactly how much milled material and at what precise dimensions and ideal species will be required to turn lumber into the finished pieces of your liking. Converting the board feet calculations into real-life measurements, we can further advise what size logs are required or better yet, we will walk the woods with you and identify trees most suitable for milling or selecting for forest health.

Don’t have a woodlot of your own? Visit ours or allow us to select from it the best trees for your needs. And for our construction clients we will even manage – from your trees or ours – the milling, kilning and production of the final pieces by our trusted skilled wood workers.