The warmth of real, natural wood floors has long been a favoured material. Why cover it in plastics?

Refinishing hardwood floors with petrochemical based polyurethane plastics – the conventional wood treatments – forces you to contend with the noxious smells off-gassed by this treatment. Further, each time the flooring is sanded in preparation, more of the floor board is worn away until after only a few times the floor becomes too thin to refinish.

We help solve these issues with the floor finishes preferred by our ancestors: natural oils. Our modern version – fast drying oil blends – smell delicious, while absorbing deep into the wood to provide long lasting protection in a soft, warm hue.

Once floors have been finished with our natural & renewable oils, ordinary cleaning and occasional re-seasoning with more oil that you can do yourself, is all that is required for many decades of beautiful protection. For further cleanability and a higher sheen, a coat of natural floor wax can be added.  And because of the depth of the finish, you may never need to resand the floor again, extending its useful life indefinitely.

Measure your rooms and call us for a quick refinishing estimate.  Need new flooring?  We carry lines of both reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood, bamboo and cork flooring.