The Brac Greywater Recycling System collects water from your showers and tubs, filters out foreign particles, treats the water with a chlorine tablet to keep it free from bacteria and odours and uses the reclaimed water to flush your toilets.

For the typical family, Brac systems can help you save 30% to 40% on your annual water bill, and while saving money, you will also help save the environment and provide a better future for our children and their children to come.

The water used in tubs and showers accounts for about 35% of the typical family’s water use. Toilets use another 30%. The BRAC system simply saves the 30% used for the toilets by reclaiming the greywater from the tubs and showers.


Advantages of the Brac System include:

  • Conserve Water (and Money)
  • Reduce The Demand on Your Well
  • Reduce Wastewater
  • Increase The Lifespan of Your Septic System
  • Reduce Burden on Public Sewage Treatment System
  • Increase Points to Reach LEED Certification Goals
  • Help The Environment!

Suitable for both residential and commercial new construction or retrofit applications, there is a BRAC Greywater Recycling System appropriate for you.