Rediscovering primitive building materials & ancient techniques, Evolve’s natural construction division is making old-world building methods new again.

Natural building with clay; sand; straw; timber & stone. All locally sourced. All natural & sustainable…

Hand-made custom earthen plasters can adorn a straw bale or light-clay straw wall. Cob and wattle and daub offer organic, whimsical shapes for interior walls, fences, benches and more. Earthen adobe floors provide a leather-like appearance that stops all comers in their tracks, eyes lit with interest. Often sourced from your own property, solid timber frame structures, stone plinths, and dry-stacked stone walls are among the artistic touches our artisans can apply with flair.


Choose your natural building material, and watch your project come to life…

Natural Plastering

Shaped by hand using comparatively simple tools, natural building materials such as clay, sand and straw have formed the basis for human dwellings since the beginning of civilization. Resurrecting these ancient practices, our skillful plasterers will adorn your straw bale, light-clay straw or cob walls in a hand-applied finish of earth/clay, clay-lime, lime or even tadelakt that will make your little eco-nest the envy of the natural building world. Or for a unique touch over conventional drywall, explore our American Clay veneers.

Cob Construction

Architectural walls, sculpted benches, rustic fireplace mantel-pieces and much more can all be fashioned out of no more than the appropriate mixture of straw, sand and clay-rich earth. Sculpted by hand without the use of tools, earth has been the most widely- used human building material since the dawn of civilization.

Adobe Floors

Fermata’s natural earthen & adobe floors offer surprising durability together with a leather-like appearance that stops all newcomers in their tracks, eyes lit with interest. Combine it with river stone pebbles or natural stone veneer, and you’ll be stunned by the results!

Outdoor Cob Ovens

Invite all of your favourite people to your backyard for freshly baked bread, a delicious homemade pizza or a mouth-watering slow-cooked brisket from your wood-fired outdoor cob oven! Host backyard barbecues like none of your friends have never experienced before!

We believe that there is no shortage of interesting projects for placing skilled hands and natural building materials together. What can you imagine?